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Inter Mares Origin

INTER MARES d.o.o. was born in 2006 like general touristic agency and consulting in more nautical fields.
Owners, Mila Andretich and Peter Prelovšek, have worked more then 10 years with nautical charter in different way, the first one by herself like charter agent and naval architect, the second one with more nautical and charter company.
Together decided in 2012 to join their forces and know-how to rebuild what many boat owners had expected to have in recent year with previous charter companies, but difficulty obtain: a charter management base on transparent relationship, trust and honesty, where work together to satisfy all people involved in this business, which are client, boat owner and charter company too, giving to each one his due and continuing to collaborate to improve the offer.

Company is in Croatia and in Slovenia, to be able to offer a more enclosed and specific offer and services to the client on the territory.
To do this we are committed to completely renovate the fleet in our headquarter base in Portorož, Pula and Bunarina, adding new boats and refitting old one continuously, to obtain a high quality charter system and to give a 24 h assistance by phone, by car or by rudder intervention.
With this new way of mind we was able to join 4 Star Group, that guarantees to our clients and partners a high quality of service, kept under control by use of Euminia feed back system too, very appreciated by our guests.
We have to offer many boats of our parters too, in whole Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea, chosen carefully and exclusively on the basis of their way of work, with a similar quality system, guarantee for us like agent and for our clients.

Company offers a broker service too, for used and new boats, with high professionalism, that permit to escort out client during all phases of the sales, offering both commercial – administrative and technical consulting, in addition to a variety of technical services in the marina and sale of some products which we use and believe in.

Inter Mares Development

When we started to think about Sailors Charter Club we were already in a successful business with Inter Mares d.o.o., both of us are charterer in our spare time and our clients are also people who charter every years sailing boats around the world. So we realized that all our lives are based around sailing boat charter and that we have personally and from our own works a lot of experience about charterer needs. We also concluded that it didn’t exist no one online place when charterer can really find all what he need. So here was the Start: we will do it!

      So dear Charterer, this web place is for you! It will be your reference point for your sailing trip. Here you find crazy offers and tools that will change forever your sailing charter life! 🙂 The opportunity to become a member of this club will give you incredible benefits you will not find anywhere else.

Like member you will have:

  • additional fix discount on each booking you will made during the solar year, according to membership status and upgraded in every moment,
  • crazy fix discount on all insurance Yacht Pool offers
  • a search booking engine with live availability and true live updated information,
  • discount on additional insurance, like skipper or deposit insurance,
  • a platform when you can find all you need to plan your sailing trip, like base info, tide charts, traffic condition, taxi contact, road trip planner, live weather, rent a car, flight booking, accommodation booking,
  • a platform shop where you can buy dedicated article for your sailing experience and for all your daily life and have on each product additional discounts,
  • a blog when you can read the last new from charter world,
  • a social community where you can meet with other sailor charterers, and share your experiences,
  • be automatically part of the Sailors Charter Club Charity Project, because we are not only sailors but good people! 🙂

and the best thing is that we will develop other benefits according to your request and your needs!
Inter Mares – Sailors Charter Club is for You, at your service and it is made by charterer like you, who know what they need or solve and here find the solution and answer.

Welcome! We are so exiting to have you on board!


Mila & Peter

Co-Founders Inter Mares – Sailors Charter Club


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